About Sonat: Who We Are and How We Got Here

About Sonat

We established Sonat to create a powerful tool to simplify content creation, including drafting, editing, translating, publishing, and fixing the broken feedback loop directly on the content.

We used similar concepts and techniques that software engineers use to work together in different phases (writing code, verifying and validating the software, and finally releasing and deploying), simplified it, and applied it to the Rich Text and Structured Content creation and publication.

about sonat

Hear from Dan, our founder:

As a software engineer and a product owner, I saw how people from different departments (technical writing, development, marketing, legal, etc.) struggle to create and update content for their products. It was hard enough to collaborate and agree on the content in the first place. But the struggle would persist during the whole process, including the publishing management, keeping track of the changes, correlating the content with the correct product version, and making it accessible to the end-users.

Despite all efforts, still, product manuals didn’t always come out very successful, especially when users kept calling customer service asking for the same information the team meant to address in the manuals. Also, the absence of an effective feedback loop to engage users in creating and updating content was totally felt.

As lifetime users of different products, we all know how difficult it is to find helpful information about a product at the right time. Even after piling up user manuals in our closets for a day, we may still find it difficult to access what we need.

It would be nice if user manuals could be easily found online, accessible everywhere, and continuously updated and improved based on real users’ experiences, questions, and feedback. And then, maybe, we would even refuse to produce, receive, and collect paper manuals to take better care of our environment.

Inspired by the tools that software engineers used to collaborate and participate in the single source code, I wondered if we could make the same mechanism work for the content creators. 

These tools have enormously evolved and now empower hundreds and even thousands of software engineers to work on the same source code, build, test, and finally deploy software with minimum conflicts and overhead.

So, I started developing Sonat, a user and eco-friendly tool to provide an excellent experience for all stakeholders of the content writing process; the creators and their end-users. Our online manual creator is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create user guides on an all-in-one platform.

A better writing experience and happier users

Better writing, collaborating, and publishing experience for the producers results in a better end-user experience.

On the other hand, we create a continuous improvement process with lots of features by involving end-users and getting their direct feedback and suggestions.

The result is:

  • Smoother process for technical writers, product team, and marketing
  • Getting the best out of translators
  • Reduce the load on the support team

And most importantly

  • Making the end-users happy

Our symbol

Why blue whale?

Our cute little whale stands for the environmental movement and symbolizes unbridled creativity, knowledge, and communication.

So in our environment-friendly space, Sonat, we:

  • honor creativity and would love to provide a platform where you can embrace and unleash your creativity to make better changes
  • Celebrate knowledge and try to facilitate documenting, organizing, structuring, and sharing knowledge (Sonat is all about knowledge)
  • empower content writers to communicate with their customers and ensure their message has the maximum reach. You can reach out to your readers worldwide using Sonat. Since our blue whale is a master of communication whose whistle can be heard for hundreds of miles
  • encourage online documentation and work toward reducing paper use (As an eco-friendly cloud-based authoring and publication tool)

And after all, to San Diego whales!

Meet our team

Sonat is an entirely bootstrapped company based in beautiful San Diego, California. We work with the very best people at what they do, but the best isn’t always available on your doorstep. That’s why most of the team, works remotely.

Sonat is a multicultural company. We embrace diversity as a source of innovation and creativity. 

Sonat Team




Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Digital Marketer


Technical Content Writer


Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Our Mission

The user Manual is our first step. We are laser-focused on creating the best user experience for content creators and their end-users.

Achieving our goal is not easy but we take each step toward this goal with passion and ferocity.

We believe

  • Skipping steps is not progress
  • We have to put one foot in front of the other
  • Things take time
  • There are no shortcuts

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