Sonat Answers Your Users’ Questions

Sonat, with powerful AI models, answers end-users questions based on your existing product manuals, documents, and FAQs.

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How it works?

Sonat’s AI Answer Generator, answers end-users questions based on your existing product manuals, documents, and FAQs.


Your clients got stocked to find answers from your documents, manuals, and instructions.


Create an online manual or Migrate your existing documents to our platform.

Learn by AI

Our AI Answer module will learn the content and respond immediately to your client’s questions.


Collaborate with your team members and improve the document continuously.


The AI answer module is responsible for extracting answers from your documents.

Sonat’s solution is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of individuals. Whether your customers are tech-savvy or not, they can easily take advantage of this powerful tool to find the answers they need. This inclusivity ensures that your entire customer base can benefit from the enhanced customer care provided by Sonat.

Sonat’s AI Answer Generator continually learns and adapts to changes in your product or service documents. This adaptability ensures that your customers always receive up-to-date information, helping them make the most out of their experience with your brand.

Simplify Your Document Experience with AI Answer Generator.

What Exactly Does This Feature Provide?

Sonat provides trained AI models that can answer any question through existing documents. Since most manuals are so long or hard to read, most people need help finding answers to their specific questions. This will increase the call volume to your customer support team. But here, Sonat comes up with a solution. A person with a smartphone or laptop can simply search for a question in your manual, and our AI model will find the answer instantly, regardless of the type of entered question. This feature boosts the process of knowing and working with your product and positively impacts your customer since it signifies customer care.

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Why Choose Sonat’s AI Answer Generator?

Instant Answers:

Sonat’s AI Answer Generator offers instant solutions to your queries. No matter the complexity of your question or the time of day, our AI is ready to provide you with quick and accurate answers. Say goodbye to waiting for support or sifting through lengthy documents. With Sonat, you get the information you need at your fingertips in seconds.

Any Question, Any Time:

We take pride in our AI’s ability to tackle any question you throw at it. From straightforward inquiries about product features to intricate technical problems, our AI doesn’t discriminate. It’s trained to understand and respond to a vast array of questions. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Sonat’s AI is your reliable source of information.

Boost Customer Satisfaction:

By offering instant and precise answers, Sonat’s AI contributes to higher customer satisfaction. No more frustration or waiting in long support queues. Our AI ensures that your customers get the help they need promptly, leading to happier and more satisfied clients. Your business reputation will thank you.

Reduce Support Calls:

Sonat’s AI Answer Generator is not just a time-saver but also a cost-saver. With the AI’s ability to handle a wide range of questions, you’ll notice a significant decrease in the number of support calls. This efficiency leads to reduced operational costs and improved resource allocation.

What our clients say about us

“Great experience with Sonat. Everything was on top standard and thanks to this AI, we don’t need our customer support team to work outside of business hours.

— Leo Allend

“I was skeptical at first, but this AI tool pleasantly surprised me. It’s become a handy tool in our process..”

— Melissa C.

This AI allows me to find my answers from my smartphone when I want to. The interface is easy to navigate, and I find everything I need quickly.

— Tekla Hansen

“Sonat’s AI Answer Generator saves us time on routine inquiries, and that’s a big plus.”

— Robert

Sonat was an excellent solution for our company. The combination of auto-translation and auto-responder is exactly what we needed.”

— Vicenta Osinski

“The speed of the AI is impressive. We’re happy with the time it’s saving us”

— Sophie Harris

Sonat’s Top Features



Machine translation software automates translating text from one language to another. Our intelligent translation machine makes it easier for you to reach out to a broader circle of users worldwide. You can have as many languages as needed, and we ensure every single topic is translated.



Collaborative writing couldn’t be easier. Define approval processes and workflows, assign roles, leave comments, and get notified of every change. So all team members can quickly contribute to the content and the decisions about how the group will function.

Free Templates

Free Templates

Free templates can help you in different ways. Various templates can minimize technical writer’s blocks and reduce the structuring time. Besides, you can give your documentation your style by defining themes and colors. Add your branding elements to reflect your unique identity in your documents.

Private Manuals

Private Manuals

Keep your unique resources or internal documentation private by deciding who can access your published manuals. Restrict the access to particular individuals and staff of an organization, or broaden it to anybody with the link.

Readability Guide

Readability Guide

Sonat is equipped with a readability analyzer that measures your content readability metrics and lets you know how you can make your guide much more readable for your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

We measure your content SEO metrics and help you improve the quality of your content. We use sitemaps, CDN, and other technologies to make sure your content will get the highest possible rank in the search engines.



Publishing updates to improve your manuals are most effective when they’re built upon users’ feedback. This is why we’ve arranged it to be quite simple to collect feedback from your users and publish your updated versions in one click.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Give your documentation your very own style by defining themes and colors. Add your branding elements to reflect your unique identity in all of your documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sonat’s AI Answer Generator do?

Sonat’s AI Answer Generator helps users find quick and accurate answers to their questions by searching through product manuals, regardless of the question’s complexity or the time of day.

Can Sonat’s AI Answer Generator be used by beginners and experts alike?

Yes, Sonat’s AI is suitable for both beginners and experts. It’s designed to address a wide range of questions and is a reliable source of information for all users.

Does Sonat offer this feature for different types of documents beyond manuals?

Yes, Sonat’s AI Answer Generator can be used to search and find answers in a variety of documents beyond manuals, making it versatile for different informational needs.

Is there a need for users to wait for customer support with Sonat’s AI Answer Generator?

No, users do not need to wait for customer support. The AI provides instant answers, eliminating the need for waiting in long support queues.

Can Sonat’s AI Answer Generator answer complex technical questions?

Yes, Sonat’s AI Answer Generator is trained to understand and respond to a wide array of questions, including complex technical inquiries.

What pricing plans offer access to Sonat’s AI Answer Generator?

Sonat’s AI Answer Generator is available in the Business and Enterprise plans. In the Enterprise plan, you have the option to choose ChatGPT 4 as your AI engine. For detailed pricing information, please visit our Pricing Page.