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Sonat Answers Your Users’ Questions

Sonat, with powerful AI models, answers end-users questions based on your existing product manuals, documents, and FAQs. Sonat’s AI Answer Generator offers instant solutions to your queries. No matter the complexity of your question or the time of day, our AI is ready to provide you with quick and accurate answers.

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How it works?

Sonat’s AI Answer Generator, answers end-users questions based on your existing product manuals, documents, and FAQs.


Your clients got stocked to find answers from your documents, manuals, and instructions.


Create an online manual or Migrate your existing documents to our platform.

Learn by AI

Our AI Answer module will learn the content and respond immediately to your client’s questions.


Collaborate with your team members and improve the document continuously.


The AI answer module is responsible for extracting answers from your documents.

Sonat’s solution is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of individuals. Whether your customers are tech-savvy or not, they can easily take advantage of this powerful tool to find the answers they need. This inclusivity ensures that your entire customer base can benefit from the enhanced customer care provided by Sonat.

Sonat’s AI Answer Generator continually learns and adapts to changes in your product or service documents. This adaptability ensures that your customers always receive up-to-date information, helping them make the most out of their experience with your brand.

What Exactly Does This Feature Provide?

Sonat provides trained AI models that can answer any question through existing documents. Since most manuals are so long or hard to read, most people need help finding answers to their specific questions. This will increase the call volume to your customer support team. But here, Sonat comes up with a solution. A person with a smartphone or laptop can simply search for a question in your manual, and our AI model will find the answer instantly, regardless of the type of entered question. This feature boosts the process of knowing and working with your product and positively impacts your customer since it signifies customer care.

An all-in-one documentation tool for writing and publishing professional user manuals

Sonat is a rigorous cloud-based solution that provides an easy-to-use platform for creating high-quality online manuals. We try to make user guide creation as easy as possible while helping you save time and money, impress your users, and ensure user satisfaction.

user guide creator features

Simply draft, edit, enrich your content, and get to see how your published content looks as you type

  • Write without worrying about losing anything, thanks to the powerful auto-save feature
  • Check back, correct your recent mistakes, and go forward using multiple undo-redo
  • Make sure that you can always come back to check or restore your previous versions using the unlimited version history
  • Simply write or paste your content and enjoy the benefits of a powerful editor to style, structure, and enrich your content through:
    • Basic and advanced formatting and text styles
    • Automatic text transformation and markdown-like codes
    • Keyboard shortcuts support
    • Full-text search 
    • Support for adding and editing HTML, code blocks, Heading tags, links, images, tables, formulas, special characters
    • Media embed
      • YouTube Video
      • Dailymotion Video
      • Spotify Music
    • And much more
Powerful Editor

Powerful Editor

Unlimited Version History

Unlimited Version History

Enjoy an unlimited archive to access and restore your topic’s older versions, keep records of everything, and keep track of every change

  • Don’t lose your drafts. Access to the previous versions of your topics, restore whatever you want, and publish your old versions
  • Easily monitor modifications through visual comparison of added and removed content
  • Keep track of change details; what has been changed, who made it, and the time it happened
  • Don’t get lost in the long list of drafts and select to compare the published versions only

Save time and reuse your prior documentation by quickly transferring your documents

  • Save your prior documents’ format and style while transferring content from Google Docs, Web pages, MS Word, and other rich content
  • Enjoy auto uploading of images on paste
Quick Migration

Quick Migration

Efficient Collaboration and Workflow

Efficient Collaboration and Workflow

Cut down on meetings and speed up your progress by automating workflows in an efficient collaborative environment

  • Align your teams in a shared workspace by creating an organization and adding members
  • Manage collaboration by defining roles and access levels for each member
  • Speed up the process by automating workflows with parallel and sequential rules and steps
  • Make sure your manuals meet the requirements by setting standards and rules measured automatically by the system (SEO, Readability, etc.)
  • Improve your documentation through extended collaboration by inviting outsiders to get beta readers’ feedback and more expert opinions
  • Keep track of every update by receiving notifications
  • Don’t miss out on any change when you’re away by opting to receive email notifications
  • Comment on everything in any phase
  • Make sure your documents are good enough from different aspects by creating approval processes
  • Audit publication of your documents by creating publish requests

Reach out to a much greater audience thanks to the increased accessibility and managing languages

  • Reach out to your users worldwide by adding up to 184 languages to a single document without creating new ones
  • Put your users at ease by displaying your guide in the users’ preferred language, thanks to the locale awareness
  • Reach out to your users with any device and any browser through a responsive user interface with cross-browser compatibility accessible through laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Satisfy your users and properly reach out to those with a dark-mode preference
  • Provide global scale, fast, and reliable web and video content delivery owing to the cloud CDN.
  • Make sure your manual is readable by a wider audience by making good use of the system readability analyzer
  • Make sure your guide will show up on the top of Google search results if your users need to search for you, thanks to the SEO measures
  • Facilitate sharing your manuals among users through the social sharing buttons
  • Make your manuals accessible for the time your users have no internet connection by letting them download auto-generated PDFs of your manuals
Improved Accessibility

Improved Accessibility

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Branding and style

Branding and Style

Give your documentation your brand’s specific look and feel and reflect your company’s identity

  • Reflect a consistent identity by setting your style using themes, colors, and fonts 
  • Maintain your brand by adding your organization’s logo and favicon
  • Visually classify your documents by adding document icons

Enjoy more control over publishing your documents

  • Directly publish one or multiple topics in one click
  • Publish a specific language or variant of a topic
  • Prevent publishing low-quality documents by setting mandatory approvals
  • Create publish requests to supervise publishing
  • Set rules to automatically reject publishing documents that haven’t met the SEO and/or readability requirements
Controlled Publishing

Controlled Publishing

Private Manuals

Private Manuals

Protect your data and create a private knowledge base

  • Keep your unique resources private by deciding who can access your manuals:
    • Restrict the access to specific individuals with identified email addresses
    • Restrict the access to the staff of an organization with specified organizational email addresses
    • Broaden access through sharable links to your private manuals
  • Create a knowledge base for your organization or others
  • Create exclusivity by restricting access to more valuable resources through private manuals

Cut down translation costs and reduce the localizers’ headaches using advanced machine translation and translation workflow

  • Have your topics translated in one click using Sonat smart translation with advanced neural machine translation technology.
  • Save on management costs and time by automating translation and localization workflow.
  • Make sure that every topic is translated into the target language by detecting topics with missing translations.
  • Speed up monitoring and improve cooperation among people involved in translation and localization through notifications and continuous reporting:
    • Notifications of updated content or new topics
    • Track comments
    • Reject/approve
Translation Management

Translation Management

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Rank higher in searches by creating SEO-friendly and fast delivered content

  • Host your documents on your custom domain
  • Enjoy fast and reliable web and video content delivery thanks to the Cloud CDN
  • Send the right image size to the client based on the viewer’s screen size
  • Customize URLs for your organization, documents, and topics
  • Simply add and optimize the meta description for your document and topic
  • Discover how your topic will look in the search results
  • Optimize your content on the fly by taking advantage of the real-time SEO content checker and tracking important SEO metrics and tips, including:
    • Presence/absence of important SEO elements (SEO title, meta description, images, alt attributes, internal and outbound links)
    • Key-phrase analysis (key-phrase density, key-phrase presence in the slug, title, meta description, and subheadings)
    • And more quantitative analysis (word count, title and meta description length, number of outbound links, number of subheadings with the key-phrase, etc.)
  • Integrate with SEO tools such as Google Search Console, Analytics, and Bing Search Console
  • Choose your topic’s Schema Type
  • Increase SEO by creating highly readable content using readability help

Communicate your message more clearly and make sure your users perceive it by creating highly readable content for your target audience

  • Get to see updated readability feedback and score on the fly as you progress with your content
  • Quickly meet user manuals’ readability standards by making good use of real-time readability assessments based on important readability metrics:
    • Fletch Reading Ease test (Length of words and sentences)
    • Transition words
    • Passive voice
    • Paragraph length
    • Subheading distribution
  • Write helpful and easy-to-understand guides by taking the readability advice into consideration
  • Prevent publishing topics with low readability scores by setting readability rules as a part of the workflow
Readability Assessment

Readability Assessment

Use 7 free,
Customizable Templates.

Easy Feedback Collection

Easy Feedback Collection

Continuously improve your documentation and keep it updated using facilitated feedback collection

  • Enable the feedback option on all your topics with a single click to improve your documentation through:
    • Increasing your readers’ engagement to rate your documentation and feedback on your manuals
    • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses by filtering and analyzing the users’ feedback based on feedback properties: Document, Document Variant, Document Language, topic, status, date, and rating levels
    • Editing your guide based on users’ feedback and update it with one click

Save time using various templates and samples

  • Minimize writers’ block thanks to the variety of templates with examples and boilerplates
  • Cut down on the structuring time using templates’ preset formatting
  • Reduce research time using the explanations, instructions, and headings provided in specialized templates targeted to each product group such as:
    • Non-electronic products
    • Simple electronics
    • Smart devices
    • on-premise software
    • SaaS
    • And more
Various Templates

Various Templates

Variants, languages, and versions

Variants, languages, and versions

Reducing the dizziness of a messy, crowded workspace by taking advantage of document variants, topic history, and multilingual content

  • Add variants to your manuals for a series of products or new updated versions instead of creating separate documents
  • Get rid of numerous extra documents by being able to add and manage up to 184 languages of a manual, all to a single document, without having to create new ones
  • Speed up your process by managing, applying settings, and publishing each variant and language separately or all together
  • Stop making several drafts and versions before finalizing your manual since your entire history is always with you, owing to the unlimited version history
  • Keep track of your location in your workspace through breadcrumbs as a navigational aid

Quickly find what you’re looking for using a powerful full-text search engine

  • Search the entire document portal
  • Search a single document
  • Search in a specific language
  • Multi-term queries
  • Smart scoring based on the number of matches
  • Terms proximity handling
  • Search keywords highlighting
Powerful Full-Text Search Engine

Powerful Full-Text Search Engine

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